I’m Nizam Haris, a brand strategist, bilingual author and entrepreneur.

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I wanted to be an entrepreneur from an early age, researched about it for years, went to international business schools, and spent all my time learning about it. Kidding. No, that’s not how you become an entrepreneur, you become one out of the pure desire to solve a problem. You become one out of life experiences. You become one out of the pure craving to create an impact. I am a brand strategist, entrepreneur, and bilingual author, here’s my story.


I founded Tale8 when I was doing my Master’s in Literature and Media from Christ (Deemed to be) University. Tale8 was started as just another agency that would provide it all starting from content writing to website and more. That’s when we noticed a small gap in the industry. Nobody cared about creating a brand for SMEs. Agencies out there would make SMEs spend millions – literally- on marketing, but is it really after creating and positioning a brand? Not really. TBH the market didn’t demand it much.
During my college years, I worked out a model that involved branding + training, to take in brands that were damaged, fix it, and conduct brand value enhancement strategies.

Brand Strategist

Oh, I forgot to mention, I am a copywriter turned brand strategist who has worked with more than 40 brands internationally so far. I take brands that need fixing at their core, fix it from there, set a visual and verbal tone, and make it stand out. Look to the left, there’s a glimpse.

The Road Not taken

Here’s the route I have taken so far, so that you get an overview of the entire picture.

As I was saying

There’s a shortage of brand strategists here, when it comes to SMEs, the demand is for the result, and in the pursuit, we forget to create a brand that would stand out. Does it matter? Of course, otherwise, you are just another noise screaming out for attention in the noise age.

I talk about

I talk about a lot of things, but what matters here is, that I talk about Advertising in the Noise Age and Branding better for the times. Would you like to be a part of the next session? Alright, it’s free. But register here.


This amazing piece of literature by Nizam Haris is a bold attempt to bringing something new on the table, by pushing away from the monotonous and every day stories people are used to come across. The stories have disturbing elements in them which make the reader close the book after the end of each story and imagine the scenarios Nizam Haris is dictating to them. This book is for those who want something new, something different and something unpredictable to treat themselves with.

Aman Raghuwanshi


Thought on the first page: Did I just stumble upon an old sage telling me absurd ambiguous stories?! I stopped for a day. Next day I read the first chapter! Mind blown! I could not get my head around it to come back to normal. I am hooked on to it since then. Totally different from the usual genre I read. Absolute fun ride that tickles your brain and ribs at the same time. A Quirky rollercoaster ride. The author is a GENIUS!

Sunila Abdullatheef


The stories are absolutely riveting and present a sharp critique of several aspects of society portrayed in bold and brilliant narratives. The experience of reading was a pleasant mix of shock, fascination and reflection. I would highly recommend the book to anyone looking for a well-written and thought-provoking read.



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I bootstrapped an agency at the age of 24, not pivotal information, might have forgotten to mention above.
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